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download Autodesk Crispin LastMaker 2016 R1 64bit full license

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Delcam Crispin LastMaker 2016 R1
Delcam Crispin LastMaker 2016 R1
Design with Autodesk Crispin LastMaker 2016 R1 full
Design with Autodesk Crispin LastMaker 2016 R1 full

Autodesk Crispin solutions from Autodesk (ex Delcam) for the shoe industry
Allow to reduce the costs and timing of the preparation of new models.
At the stage of style design, computer modeling reduces design time and accelerates decision making on the basis of prepared visual materials. Discussion of style can go on distance, using modern electronic technologies.
The procedure for grading the shoe elements in size is greatly simplified. Optimizing the cutting saves the material.
Ultimately, the transition to computer design reduces costs and reduces the cost of developing new models of shoes.
LastMaker is a tool for creating and modifying pads.
This is the module from which the design of shoes begins.
Data for design can be taken from ModelTracer or imported from various scanners.
The designer creates a shoe with a library of pads and elements, and can easily change it using templates or by directly changing the sections.
Using tools for proportional and non-proportional scaling, you can create a set of pads for the entire size range.
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