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Download FracPro 10.9 x86 x64 full license 100% working forever

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FracPro 10 9 x86 x64 full license
FracPro 10 9 x86 x64 full license
Working with FracPro 10 9 x86 x64 full
Working with FracPro 10 9 x86 x64 full

Interface language: English + Russian
System requirements: Windows xp, 7,8,8.1,10
Description: Fracpro is the most widely used fracturing design software in the world.
Fracpro contains four fully integrated modules for fracturing design, fracturing analysis, economic optimization and reservoir development. The program allows you to simulate an unlimited number of combinations of well design, injection of proppant, changes in conductivity and fracture size for any geological conditions.
Fracpro has a large built-in library of liquids and proppants. The program can also receive data and calibrate it in real time, providing users with the ability to adapt models to specific requirements. With unsurpassed functionality, versatility and flexibility, it is not surprising that Fracpro is a software product for modeling fracturing that has become the industry standard.
Improved design and execution of gaps
FRACPRO is our hydraulic fracturing software development company, which has created industry-leading software for hydraulic fracturing design, analysis and control. FRACPRO software is used by oil exploration and production companies, service companies, consultants, and universities around the world.
The FRACPRO multi-sided software portfolio provides unparalleled capabilities in the design, analysis and control of hydraulic fractures, which allow the design and implementation of hydraulic fractures in order to optimize oil recovery, production and financial indicators.
Improved well performance
The FRACPRO software portfolio on design, analysis and control improves the productivity of your wells by applying existing knowledge, as well as real-time data, to continuously evaluate and develop successful incentive designs for any type of sediment, permeability coefficients or locations.
Fully integrated modules to improve return on investment
FRACPRO software contains integrated modules for the design and analysis of hydraulic fracturing, economic optimization and reservoir performance.
FRACPRO software for design and analysis of hydraulic fractures – It has powerful modeling capabilities for assessing and determining the optimal fracture geometry, proppant conductivity and the required perforation area. Our software helps you to get information about the location of proppant, improvement in conductivity and hydraulic fracture size. You also have the opportunity to measure the effects of damage to the proppant due to crushing, drowning, cyclic voltage changes, as well as not obeying the Darcy law and multiphase flows.
FRACPRO XCHANGE software for on-site hydraulic fracturing monitoring – a software module for protecting the safe execution of fractures with real-time tracking is optimized for video-audio navigation screens to provide display and correction for fracturing performance.
The FRACPRO REMOTE application for real-time tracking of fracturing operations — Combines real-time experience with remote access and hydraulic fracturing operations and allows you to respond to any tasks while ensuring the safety of hydraulic fractures.
NETWORX simulator fracture network – Model based on available data to predict geometry, which provides a simple and effective way to predict the volume of reservoir affected by fracturing in unstable shale deposits.
STIMPRO Matrix Acid Processing Software – Extensive Matrix Acid Processing Analysis Software, providing client-defined archives and data entry with extensive reporting capabilities.
FRACPRO software is capable of simulating a virtually unlimited number of combinations for well configuration, proppant location, improving conductivity and hydraulic fracturing dimensions. It allows you to capture data in real time, display it for generating reports, ensuring full compatibility with software such as IMEX, VIP and ECLIPSE.
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