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Working with MSC (ex e-Xstream) Digimat 2017
Working with MSC ex e-Xstream Digimat 2017
Working with MSC (ex e-Xstream) Digimat 2017 full license
Working with MSC ex e-Xstream Digimat 2017 full license
Process with MSC (ex e-Xstream) Digimat 2017 full
Process with MSC ex e-Xstream Digimat 2017 full

Description: DIGIMAT is a program from e-Xstream engineering for nonlinear step-by-step modeling of multicomponent materials and structures
Scope: aviation and space technology, automotive, microelectronics, etc.
DIGIMAT is designed to quickly and accurately predict the nonlinear behavior of multicomponent materials such as plastics, polymers, carbon and fiberglass, nanomaterials, etc., to accurately assess the local and global behavior of multicomponent structures using the finite element method, to prepare, store and Confidential exchange of material models, for the easy and highly efficient design of cellular sandwich panels. Also, DIGIMAT presents the user with a number of interfaces for finite element computer software systems for computer engineering (ANSYS, LS-DYNA, SIMULIA / Abaqus, etc.) designed for computer modeling and research of problems of mechanics of deformable solids, structural mechanics and software systems of finite element modeling Processes of molding of plastics (Moldex3D, Moldflow, etc.).
Scope: aviation and space technology, automotive, microelectronics, etc.
The Digimat-MF module is designed for analytical forecasting of non-linear behavior of materials
The module is designed for homogenization and allows analytically predicting the nonlinear mechanical, thermal and electrical macroscopic properties of multicomponent materials, based on the properties of components and data on the microstructure of the material (volume concentration of components, fiber dimensions and orientation).
Digimat-MF – high-precision, efficient and easy to learn and use. In the Digimat-MF, non-linear material models are available. The microstructure of the material includes reinforcing components, multilayer, ellipsoidal reinforcing inclusions.
Homogenization methods: Mori – Tanaka method, interpolation double inclusion, 1st and 2nd order homogenization methods, etc.
The Digimat-FE module is designed to accurately predict local / global non-linear behavior of multicomponent materials using the finite element method (FEA) and realistic Representative Volume Elements (RVE).
The FE models created in Digimat-FE are used for calculations in CEE software systems. Digimat-FE has a wide range of functions that allow you to model the super complex microstructure of a material at a reasonable cost of computer resources. This module allows you to determine the constituent components of composite materials, microstructure, generate PEO and set its loading, etc.
The main functions and possibilities of Digimat-FE are the determination of the constituent components of the composites, the definition of the microstructure (the shape of the inclusions, namely any shape imported from the geometry file, the relationships for the components of the composites), the definition of the microstructure of the material, the generation of the PEO, the determination of the PEO loading (monotonous , Cyclic, user-defined) and work with the finite element (CE) model.
The Digimat-MX module is used to prepare, store, restore and securely exchange DIGIMAT material models between material suppliers and users and to protect their Intellectual Property
The Material eXchange system is used to develop, store, restore and securely exchange DIGIMAT material models between material suppliers and end users. Digimat-MX is based on a set of material databases that allow you to identify material parameters and supplement missing data based on a limited number of experiments.
The main features of the Digimat-MX module: the availability of a material database that provides access to experimental data, the identification of parameters of material models based on the reaction of homogenized material, the possibility of reverse engineering, the encryption of sensitive data (in the MX + module), and much more.
The Digimat-CAE module is a set of interfaces for finite element analysis and modeling of plastics casting processes, composites mechanics and composite structures in the framework of general productions of multidisciplinary problems.
Digimat-CAE interfaces allow precise prediction of behavior of composite materials and reinforced plastic parts using nonlinear multiscale modeling technology.
Digimat-CAE centralizes the interfaces between Digimat-MF, injection molding simulation and CE analysis software systems. Digimat-CAE is used for the adequate construction of non-linear micromechanical models of multicomponent materials based on linear or non-linear CE analysis and taking into account the material processing process. Digimat-CAE eliminates the link between injection molding simulation software and CEE analysis software systems by taking into account the microstructure of the material (for example, fiber orientation, filling, shape).
There are two Digimat-CAE modules: Injection, intended for casting tasks, and Structural, designed for strength analysis.
The main features presented to the user by the Digimat-CAE / Injection module are the registration of orientation tensors, residual voltages and temperatures and junction lines, as well as interfaces integrated with Moldex3D, Autodesk Moldflow Insight, 3D Timon, REM3D, SigmaSoft.
The main features that the Digimat-CAE / Structural module presents to the user are the ability to use explicit and implicit solver types, different types of elements, consideration of various micromechanical models, and the availability of “binding” interfaces to CE analysis software systems, such as Abaqus, ANSYS Mechanical , LS-DYNA, Optistruct, PAM-CRASH, RADIOSS, SAMCEF-Mecano, etc.
The Digimat-MAP module is a software for shell and 3D conversion used to transfer fiber orientation, residual voltages, temperatures and junction lines between the meshes of injection molding simulation software and the grid of CE analysis software systems. Digimat-MAP allows you to estimate the difference between the initial and final transformed solution. Digimat-MAP allows engineers to use the optimal type of grid required for efficient and high-precision CE analysis.
The main features of this module are: shell and 3D transmission of grids (6 ways of transfer – node to node, node to integration point, element to integration point, etc.), positioning of “donor grid” and “grid-targets” Transferring, nesting and rotation, support for a large number of types of elements, data processing (construction of contour or vector graphs at user’s choice, ellipsoidal mapping of tensor fields, plotting of the cut plane on 3D grids, etc.), the presence of an error indicator.
The Digimat-Micross module is a module designed for easy and efficient design of honeycomb sandwich panels using modern technology for modeling microinhomogeneous materials
The Digimat-Micross module is a high-precision and easy-to-use software designed to create composite sandwich panels using numerical bending and shear tests. The material can be set at the Composite / Internal Component level (macro level) or at the Fiber / Cell level. The Micross module can be used by both analysts and design engineers who have no experience in micromechanics and CE modeling
The main features of the module Micross: the task of the framework (accounting structure, setting properties of materials, accounting for fibers), the creation of the CE model (automatic generation of the grid according to the selected grinding, various loads), the specification of the internal component (honeycomb structure or foam), integrated processing of results (post- Processing), presence of indicators of destruction, automatic creation of HTML-report.
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