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new feature of MSC Nastran 2019 full license
new feature of MSC Nastran 2019 full license

Description: MSC Nastran multidisciplinary a structural analysis by engineers to conduct thermal analysis, linear and nonlinear static and dynamic fields used. The application of technology to optimize the structure of its full automatic analysis of their embedded exhaustion, enabling high-performance computing brings.
Engineers from MSC Nastran is used to ensure that the system of structural strength, durability and rigidity necessary to prevent deficiency (additional stress, aggravation or deformed unintentionally) to which can be a combination of issues related to the operational and structural safety is . MSC Nastran for development and economic recovery and infrastructure projects also can be used easily passages topic.
Builders and manufacturers of unique multidisciplinary approach MSC Nastran for structural analysis in multiple locations in the product development process uses. Multidisciplinary structural analysis, structural modeling and structural optimization of the advantages of this software automatically.
Some software applications MSC Nastran:
– virtual prototyping in the design process, the cost of which has already been wasted in physical prototyping maintains.
– reforming the structural problems that can occur during a product service and reduce delivery time and costs will be.
– Performance optimization of the design existing or unique product makes the difference, which leads to a competitive advantage to be with others.
– MSC Nastran is based on sophisticated numerical methods, finite element method is the most famous. FE non-linear problems can be explicit or implicit numerical methods of the application are resolved. Meanwhile a series of optimization algorithms that are included such as MSCADS and IPOPT.
– Ability to corrosion in MSC Nastran software with the incorporation of nCode International Ltd. And MSC can be calculated.
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