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OriginPro 2017 SR0 b9.4.0.220 x86 x64
OriginPro 2017 SR0 b9.4.0.220 x86 x64
Information of OriginPro 2017 SR0 b9.4.0.220 x86 x64 full
Information of OriginPro 2017 SR0 b9.4.0.220 x86 x64 full
Working with OriginPro 2017 SR0 b9.4.0.220 x86 x64
Working with OriginPro 2017 SR0 b9.4.0.220 x86 x64

Description: A powerful scientific package for analysis and data processing. It is considered a de facto standard in many scientific laboratories. OriginPro is a universal tool for processing statistical and mathematical functions, processing data arrays, plotting these functions and graphs on data sets, as well as a tool for developing highly specialized mathematical programs and visualization tools for graphic data. Integration with data collection systems such as LabView, DasyLab, LabWindows … Compatibility with MathLab, MathCad, Microsoft Office … Origin includes the full version of the numerical algorithms library NAG Mark VII from Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc. (NAG®). These well-established and time-tested algorithms provide the user with ample opportunities for computations, from simple statistics and Fourier transforms, to linear algebra and multidimensional analysis. All functions of the NAG library are available for calling via Origin C, thereby providing a platform for developing applications that require complex numerical calculations.
New features in version 2017
In the new version of Origin / OriginPro many new features are added, and the existing functionality is also improved. Below are the main innovations.
Updated user interface
The Origin 2017 has a centralized source of training materials, which appears when the program is launched. With it, new users are now much easier to get started with the program. Also updated menus with graphs – added large icons for previewing various types of graphs; The notation of columns and cells is updated.
New types of graphs
For basic types of graphs, the ability to create matrices from graphs, the so-called grid graphs from the grouped data, is added. There were also multilevel 3D diagrams with different shapes and patterns; Improved the process of adding annotations to graphics and support for LaTeX, and added new hatch patterns.
The new version of the Origin 2017 software allows users to create their own dialog boxes using HTML and JavaScript. Thus, it becomes possible to develop your own interactive applications within the program. Also, since version 2017, Origin can directly interact with the Mathematica system of the eighth version and higher and with the updated NAG Mark 25 library.
New apps from Origin Apps
On the manufacturer’s website there are new specialized applications Origin Apps designed for version 2017. Applications allow you to extend the functionality of the Origin and OriginPro products with specialized graphics and additional statistical tools. In addition, applications for solving chemical-biological problems and interaction with LaTeX are available.
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