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Download SolidWorks 2015 Parts Essential Training videos dvd

Link download SolidWorks 2015 Parts design video training course

SolidWorks 2015 Parts Essential Training
SolidWorks 2015 Parts Essential Training
download SolidWorks 2015 Parts Essential Training videos
download SolidWorks 2015 Parts Essential Training videos

You will start by learning basic and intermediate 3D features, such as extruded and revolved features, lofts, circular patterns, reference geometry and so on. This video tutorial will then cover how to make configuration in part level and teach you what is design intent and what is the best way to design a 3D part. Then this course will also cover lots of intermediate topics such as face fillet, variable fillet, full round fillet, multi-body etc. Then, you will learn how to work with advanced tool such as dome, wrap, indent, intersect, boundary boss. Finally, this course will cover few advanced topic such as advanced pattern type, advanced reference type, equation, advanced loft type, advanced swept type etc.
Contents (5.5Hours – 89 individual video lectures)
01. Introduction
02. Sketch Based Feature
03. Applied Based feature
04. Mirror options
05. Pattern tools
06. Making references
07. Curves tools
08. Basic rule to make a part
09. Evaluation Tools
10. Configurations
11. Advance capability of fillets
12. Power of Sweep tools
13. Advance capability of other important features
14. Loft tools
15. Other useful features
16. Working with multibody
17. Advanced Pattern tools
18. Making advanced references
19. Understanding equation
20. Conclusion
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