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Vero VISI 20.0 x86+x64
Vero VISI 20.0 x86 x64
Machining with Vero VISI 20.0 x86+x64 full
Machining with Vero VISI 20.0 x86 x64 full

Description: VISI is one of the world’s leading CAD / CAM solutions for the manufacture of molds, dies and other types of tooling. VISI technologies combine wireframe, surface and solid modeling with clear strategies for planar, three-dimensional and 5-axis processing with special high-speed modes. Specific modules for the design of molds for various types of casting with the analysis of the flow of material and successive stamps with a step-by-step scan make it possible to achieve a previously unattainable level of productivity. Vero Software offers specialized solutions that no longer need to switch between programs from different vendors and perform solid state geometry conversion to the surface that is required by traditional IT systems.
VISI Modeling
VISI Modeling is the basis of all VISI products, a powerful system for solid and surface modeling, based on the Parasolid® core, which is considered the industry standard. Together with the technology of surface treatmentVero, model analysis and 2D-design, the VISI Modeling package makes it possible to design, edit and edit the most complex 3D-objects.
VISI Analysis
When working with imported data, the quality of the model is important. Detection of potential problems at an early stage of the project will greatly simplify the task of the designer and will allow to save a lot of time in the future as development.
VISI Mold is a specialized solution for the design of molds, taking into account the features of equipment used in this industry. With its help, the user goes through the entire design process, observing in real time how changes in the finished product will affect the design of the mold.
VISI PEPS-Wire is the leader in its field, the creation of control programs for wire erosion PEPS Wire EDM, developed specifically for precision technology, tooling, molds and dies as part of the VISI complex. VISI PEPS-Wire provides automatic recognition of wire forms, including conical and 4-axis straight from solid geometry. Products of various shapes are easily handled by reliable wire erosion trajectories and a proven CNC code suitable for any type of erosion equipment.
VISI Blank
VISI Blank is an integrated solution for creating flat blanks from complex 3D models. It is especially useful for creating sheet metal blanks, blanks for the production of serial stamps, processing on presses, etc. The main advantages of VISI Blank are the ideal integration with the popular VISI Modeling package based on the industry-standard Parasolid core and Vero’s own development in surface modeling And planar design.
VISI Reverse
VISI Reverse is a high-level software solution for reverse 3D-design, reconstruction of 3D geometry, topography, medical design and other, supplied at an attractive price. The 3D point cloud that is used to design the 3D model can be taken from any measuring device or technology, for example, from a 3D scanner, digitizer, coordinate measuring machine, laser trackers, time-of-flight lasers, photogrammetry or stereophotogrammetry.
All stages of the mold making can benefit from this solution, which allows to optimize the design and adjust the casting parameters. The creators of finished products, molds and foundry workers will also benefit from Vero Software’s innovative technology for mold simulation, which allows the creation of reliable and cost-effective molds with optimal casting conditions. The VISI Flow module is a unique tool for forecasting and analysis before and after production with consistent engineering development of plastic molded products.
VISI Electrode
VISI Electrode is an automated module for the development and management of electrodes and their holders for processing hard-to-reach areas of molds and dies. Convenient design of the holders, simulation and prevention of collisions ensure correct operation of the electrode from the first time.
VISI Progress
Specific industry-specific functions help to more efficiently and efficiently design the rigging. Intellectual solutions VISI Progress, designed to help the designer, reduce the likelihood of errors and significantly increase the productivity of production.
VISI Multi-Slides
VISI Multi-Slides – extension of the VISI Progress module for the construction of cam shafts used on multi-position presses specifically for bending. With its help, a fast and efficient simulation and synchronization of the bending cycle following the cutting phase of the serial stamp occurs. The construction of the cam shafts and the necessary measurement takes place automatically for each of the presses.
VISI Machining 2D
VISI Machining 2D is a simple, practical and intuitive solution for the processing of various operations, including 4- and 5-axis. Intelligent character recognition automatically selects shapes for processing directly on solid geometry and creates reliable toolpaths for milling and drilling.
VISI Machining 3D
VISI Machining 3D creates intelligent machining trajectories for the most complex 3D parts. Special high-speed milling techniques and built-in smoothing algorithms create high-quality NC code. Such intelligent processing paths shorten cycle times and increase production productivity.
VISI Machining 5-Axis
5-axis machining is traditionally considered the most suitable for automotive and air navigation. It has many advantages, which are also used in the production of molds and dies. The VISI Machining module is a productive solution for creating highly effective cutting tool paths with a powerful collision avoidance feature, even for the most complex 3D models.
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