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ZWCAD Software ZW3D 2012 v.16.00 full software
ZWCAD Software ZW3D 2012 v.16.00 full software
design with ZWCAD Software ZW3D 2012 v.16.00 full crack
design with ZWCAD Software ZW3D 2012 v.16.00 full crack

Description : ZW3D ™ – a versatile CAD / CAM system that allows for modeling of products at all stages of the design, since the creation of the project sketch to manufacturing products with CNC machines. With the optimal combination of price and quality computer-aided design ZW3D ™ it is widespread throughout the world. The program currently supports English, Chinese Traditional, Czech, German, Japanese and Polish interface languages. Program simulation 3D ZW3D ™ has broad capabilities, high performance and processing speed, and is also compatible with other CAD / CAM applications. ZW3D ™ recognizes good Solidworks® data formats, Catia®, Autodesk Inventor®, Pro / Engeneer®, UniGraphics®, ACIS, reads and stores the data in DWG / DXF formats, Parasolid, STEP, IGES. Easy to learn and use. Self-taught ZW3D ™ greatly facilitates built-in learning system Show-n-Tell ™. Power and performance. Geometric modeling kernel based on the Overdrive ™ technology allows ZW3D ™ quickly handle large files with complex geometry. The versatility of modeling. When ZW3D ™ can be used to create three-dimensional models of parts and assembly models, 2D drawings, to make reverse engineering, to simulate the movement, as well as create your own database components that greatly simplify the modeling of complex objects. ZW3D ™ supports the principle of hybrid modeling, ie gives the opportunity to work with a model of how a solid, surface, or wireframe object in the same three-dimensional space. In addition, the program allows you to import a job file various parts and components, placing them at various levels. Quickly create molds and dies. Ability to handle disconnected geometry and the use of an embedded database allows the electrodes to choose and create their own sets of dies as quickly and efficiently. Preparation for processing on CNC machines. Integrated CAM technology allows for 2-5 coordinate object processing. Intelligent 3D Feature Machining automatically selects the processing techniques, including high-speed processing and removal of residual materials. Function Adaptive Feedrate Control maximizes tool life and minimizes processing time. Innovative technologies of direct editing. SmoothFlowTM technology combines the speed and flexibility of direct modeling with precise control of parametric design sizes, maintaining a complete history of the construction of models, making ZW3D ™ application is one of the most advanced CAD software in the world. Built-in library objects. ZW3D ™ includes a built-in library, containing over one million parts that meet international standards ANSI, ISO and DIN from leading manufacturers, which greatly simplifies the creation of fully featured models and assemblies. Intelligent calculation system. ZW3D ™ allows calculation of data for the establishment of a single action rods and cavities, which, combined with new tools multi-selection electrode, greatly simplifies the process of designing the molds. Automatic processing of the 3D model. Built-in 3D Feature Machining technology automatically analyzes the topology model and applies the most appropriate toolpath. Due to this, any hole and surface relief ZW3D ™ handled automatically by cutting, typically the preparation of 50%, and the processing time by 30%.

Extras. Information : Company ZWSOFT (Guangzhou, China), a leading provider of two-and three-dimensional design for the AEC and MCAD, introduced Service Pack 2 package, a landmark update ZW3D 2011 multifunction applications for CAD \ CAM design and machining products. SP2 package can significantly increase the speed of processing projects, and contains a number of functional enhancements and fixes. This update is absolutely free for all users ZW3D 2011. The overall rate of display Display Speed in ZW3D 2011 SP2 to twelve times higher than in ZW3D 2011 SP1, and the speed of transactions types (zoom, redraw, dimming and backlight type of rotation) improved by 40-50%. Redrawing the model in wireframe mode (wire frame mode) became twice, and in hidden line mode (hidden line mode) – three times faster than before. The most dramatic increase in the rate achieved in those situations where a shaded display mode (shaded mode) options included Display Edges and Shaded Edge Color Setting. In this case, the image is redrawn in the new ZW3D SP2 improvement was seen in the display speeds up to 12 times higher with respect to previous versions of ZW3D. Implementation of specialized CAM operations serious speed increase also affected the machining automation functions such as trajectory calculation for 5-axis machining products are now carried out 5 times faster. Improved 2X operation zigzags and box cuts, as well as expanded Mill3 funds. Simulation of sheet metal. Now you can dynamically preview products from sheet metal, and improved scanning creation tools allow to increase the number of supported formats for importing models. A new feature of choosing the optimal height helps control the size of edges and flanges. Options creating 3D assembly models now allows to orient the inserted component on the support surface. Functionality Hole operation extended by the addition of the possibility of forming a cylindrical column. Availability ZW3D Service Pack 2 is now available in English, Chinese Traditional, Czech and Spanish, the program is being translated into other languages.
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