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ZWSOFT ZW3D 2014 x86 x64 full
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machining with ZWSOFT ZW3D 2014 full license

Description: ZW3D is a universal CAD / CAM system that allows modeling of products at all stages of design, from the creation of a sketch of the project and ending with the manufacture of products on CNC machines. Thanks to the optimal combination of price and quality, the ZW3D automated design system is widely distributed around the world. The program ZW3D has great capabilities, high performance and processing speed, and is also compatible with other CAD / CAM applications. ZW3D well recognizes data formats Solidworks, Catia, Autodesk Inventor, Pro / Engineer, UniGraphics, ACIS, reads and stores data in DWG / DXF, Parasolid, STEP, IGES formats.
Attention! In the distribution for each OS Win32 and Win64, installers are presented separately for each language, so to avoid clogging the hard drive, download only the installer that you need.
Naming of languages ​​in file and folder names:
Csy – Czech
Eng – English
Fra – French
Deu – German
Ita – Italian
Jpn – Japanese
Kor – Korean
Plk – Polish
Ptb – Portuguese
Rus – Russian
Esn – Spanish
Cht – Traditional Chinese
Trk – Turkish
Easy to learn and use.
Self-study ZW3D greatly facilitates the built-in learning system Show-n-Tell. Each task of this system consists of a sequence of actions, shown and described in detail on the screen. The fulfillment of these tasks helps to understand the basic principles and rules of working with the program.
Power and Performance
The basis of any CAD \ CAM system is the core of geometric modeling. The heart of ZW3D is a patented technology called Overdrive. Supporting the most advanced technologies, the Overdrive core offers a streaming solution along with unique memory management methods that allow you to work with large files containing complex geometry in real time. Designed from the ground up using modern methods and programming techniques, Overdrive offers the fastest solutions to date, allowing you to quickly perform complex operations with the model and import large amounts of data.
Versatility of modeling.
Using ZW3D ™, you can create 3D model parts and assembly models, 2D drawings, reverse engineering, simulate motion, and create your own component bases that greatly simplify the modeling of complex objects. ZW3D supports the principle of hybrid modeling, that is, it makes it possible to work with the model as a solid, surface or wireframe object in the same three-dimensional space. In addition, the program allows you to import different parts and nodes into one working file, placing them on different levels.
Quick creation of molds and dies.
The ability to process disconnected geometry and use built-in databases allows you to select electrodes and create your own stamp sets as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Preparation for machining on CNC machines.
The integrated CAM technology allows 2-5 coordinate processing of the object. The 3D Feature Machining feature automatically selects the processing methods, including high-speed processing and removal of residual materials. Adaptive Feedrate Control maximizes tool life and minimizes processing time.
Innovative technologies of direct editing.
SmoothFlowTM technology combines the speed and flexibility of direct modeling with precise control of the parametric dimensions of the design, supporting the complete history of the model, which makes the ZW3D application one of the most advanced CAD systems in the world.
Built-in object library.
The ZW3D includes a built-in library containing over a million parts conforming to international ANSI, ISO and DIN standards from the world’s leading manufacturers, which greatly simplifies the creation of full-featured models and assemblies.
Intelligent systems of calculation.
ZW3D allows the calculation of data for the creation of rods and cavities in one action, which, in combination with new tools for multi-selection of the electrode, greatly simplifies the process of designing molds.
Automatic processing of 3D models.
Built-in 3D Feature Machining technology automatically analyzes the topology of the model and applies the most suitable processing paths. Due to this, any holes and embossed surfaces are processed in ZW3D automatically, reducing, as a rule, preparation time by 50%, and processing time by 30%.
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