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Language support: English, Russian
Description: A well-known complex for the dimensional calculation of machine parts and mechanisms: gears, shafts, chains, springs, etc.
KISSsoft is a software package to perform sizing calculations for machine elements. The gears are the central element in the transmission. In addition, shafts, bearings, connecting elements, springs, as well as chains/belts can also be calculated. KISSsoft is rounded out by supplementary modules performing such tasks as tolerance calculations and conversions between different hardness systems.
Sizing calculations are available for all common gear types (cylindrical gears, bevel gears, worm gears, helical gears, hypoid gears, and crown gears). For cylindrical gears, the software also works with planetary sets and gear racks. In addition to a feature for reviewing calculations with respect to standards (ISO, DIN, AGMA, VDI, Klingelnberg), the program also offers a number of different design and optimization functions.
Shafts, bearings
Sizing calculations for shafts and bearings are integrated, i.e., a built-in graphic shaft editor uses the defined shaft geometry, mounting and loads as a basis for performing sizing calculations for roller and friction bearings, for verifying strength according to DIN or FKM standards, and for calculating bending lines, buckling loads, rpms critical to bending and torsional behavior, tooth profile deformation of shaft-mounted gears, and curves for power, force and mechanical stress.
Joining elements
In addition to screws and bolts, this category also includes shaft-hub connections, feather keys, press fit, splines, etc.
Relevant DIN methods, including databases on standard springs and materials and, of course, helpful design functions, are available for performing sizing calculations on the five most important types of springs.
A number of different calculation methods based on manufacturer data are available for belts; sizing calculations for chains are based on DIN standards.
This page provides engineers with modules for performing general calculations (tolerance, hardness, Hertz load)
CAD interfaces
Interfaces to common CAD programs make it easier to create 2D and 3D drawings of gears, which would otherwise be a very time-consuming process.
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