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ANSYS HFSS 12 x86 x64ANSYS HFSS 12 x86 x64
Working with ANSYS HFSS 12 x86 x64 full
Working with ANSYS HFSS 12 x86 x64 full

HFSS – Three-dimensional modeling of the electromagnetic field.
HFSS is a powerful software package that calculates multimode S-parameters and electromagnetic fields in three-dimensional passive structures of arbitrary shape. The transition from programs that calculate microwave structures by the methods of the theory of circuits (which include the method of Oliner, which in some cases has a sufficiently high accuracy for practical purposes) to programs that perform a full calculation of the three-dimensional electromagnetic field is due primarily to the fact that many parts of the real device They can not be decomposed into elements that are in the library of models. This can be attributed even to the simplest case of analyzing the smooth rotation of a multilayer microstrip line, when it is impossible to separate, where the microstrip line, and where the line with the suspended substrate.
HFSS uses Finite Element Method (FEM) to solve the equations of electrodynamics, including adaptive generation and division of cells. Solutions for the electromagnetic field, found from Maxwell’s equations, make it possible to accurately determine all the characteristics of a microwave device with allowance for the appearance and transformation of certain types of waves into others, losses in materials and radiation, and so on.
HFSS provides the ability to model antennas, power dividers, switching circuits, waveguide elements, microwave filters and three-dimensional inhomogeneities, the description of which is reduced to creating a structure drawing (Figure B-1), accurate material assignment, port identification and required characteristics. As a result of the calculation, there are fields inside and outside the structures, as well as multimode S-parameters. The calculated S-parameters can be used later in programs for analysis of linear and nonlinear circuits, in particular, in the program MicrowaveOffice, AnsoftDesigner or ADS
HFSS uses a modeler that with proven reliability ensures accurate and accurate results. Design using HFSS gives a high guarantee that the measured characteristics will be the same as in the simulation. However, in order to obtain these reliable results, the correct calculation parameters must be selected. This applies not only to the correct drawing of all forms, and the precise assignment of the materials of the structure under analysis, but also to what machinery resources the designer has, and how finely it can break up the space into decomposition elements, as well as how fast the machine can solve the problem, using Method of grid compaction. Of no small importance for success is the validity and correct choice of the number of modes analyzed in the complex elements of the device.
ANSYS releases a new version of HFSS 12.0
New features of HFSS 12.0
• New technology of automatic generation of a tetrahedral grid
• Technology of decomposition of data sets
• Curvilinear elements
• Mixed orders of elements
• Calculation of conjugate derivatives
• Upgrade to ACIS R19.2
• Improved communication with ANSYS DesignXplorer
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