Mar 072020

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Working with ATLAS.ti 8.4.24 full license forever
Working with ATLAS.ti 8.4.24 full license forever

Description: ATLAS ti powerful product for qualitative research. We live in the age of information explosion. Data is much more complex today than in the past. Scientific and research organizations, business owners and other big traders are not comfortable with numbers and statistics a bit. Nowadays, more than the figure in the data, analysis and interpretation of visual data for holistic, often in statistics such as analysis and interpretation of qualitative research is addressed. Qualitative researchers are looking for commentary holistic and forward-looking. In this branch of science numeric values ​​are mixed with each other. Speaking here not of individual variables and single later review.
All dimensions are seen here together. The facts in qualitative research is indivisible and can not be reached without the vision of the parts to the whole. Sometimes qualitative research or case study Case Study as defined by its emphasis on issues and not on the communities and the different samples. There are several tools for quantitative analysis branch, but the branch there is little qualitative research tools one of the best in this field of application is the ATLAS ti. The program aims to systematize the process of analyzing complex data and unstructured provided. In this application data, such as text, multimedia and geographic and spatial data enters and tries to provide a variety of structured and structured data from unstructured mass of information is extracted.
Another feature of this software;
This program allows you to see the information and analysis provided little in common mode may not be able to view it. It can extract data to prioritize, to give them weight and the relationship between the data through graphical techniques to display beauty. This app was developed by researchers from various disciplines, including sociology, art, architecture, communications, criminology, economics, science, education, engineering, anthropology, studies, management, marketing, quality management, etc. are used. ATLAS ti all of your documents and data, including notes, audio, images, video and … maintain it.
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