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Working with CD-Adapco STAR-CD-4.26.011 full license
Working with CD-Adapco STAR-CD-4.26.011 full license

Description: STAR-CD is a multi-purpose single “heavy” CFD development kit for the CD-adapco group (formerly called Computational Dynamics Ltd), the first to include the so-called “Sliding grids”. Effective parallelization of the solution algorithm based on the application of the finite volume method, in combination with unique methods of automated partitioning of the flow region, allows us to simulate problems of any degree of geometric complexity. One of the first areas of widespread use of the program was the automotive industry, after which STAR-CD became widespread in all industries. The guarantee of the quality of the program is extensive cooperation with industrial corporations, engineering firms and research centers (Daimler-Chrysler, Imperial College, Aerospatiale-Missiles, etc.).
Applications STAR-CD
Transport – Aerospace, Automotive, Railway, Shipbuilding
aerodynamics; climate control and passenger safety; engine cooling system; injection systems; catalysts; combustion processes in internal combustion engines, gas turbine, rocket engines; turbines; hydrodynamics of ships – flow around the hull, propellers, water-jet propulsion, etc.
Energy – nuclear, hydro, solar, fuel (coal, liquid fuel, gas)
evaporators and condensers, steam and water turbines; combustion chambers and furnaces (gas, liquid and solid fuel); cooling of nuclear reactors; treatment facilities
Chemical and manufacturing
mixers, rectifiers, reactors, separators, cyclones, distillation columns, refrigerators, gas drying systems, furnaces, boilers, security systems and treatment facilities
General engineering
centrifugal pumps; heat exchangers; recuperators; flow meters; pipelines and valves, dampers, etc.
ventilation and cooling systems, climate control (temperature and humidity conditions) modeling of wind and thermal (solar) loads; floods; fires (spread of fire and smoke); treatment facilities, etc.
Gas and oil production
mine ventilation, transportation and separation; wind and wave loads on drilling platforms; modeling of fires and explosions, etc.
Biomedical applications, sports industry
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