Apr 262017

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Comsol Multiphysics 5.3 Full

Description: A program for finite-element calculations of complex scientific and technical problems. The COMSOL Multiphysics package allows you to model almost all physical processes that are described by partial differential equations. The program contains various solvers that can quickly cope with even the most complex tasks, and the simple structure of the application provides simplicity and flexibility of use. The solution of any problem is based on the numerical solution of partial differential equations by the finite element method. The range of tasks that are amenable to modeling in the program is extremely wide.
The set of special modules in the program covers almost all spheres of applications of partial differential equations.
COMSOL Multiphysics (Femlab) – a modeling package that solves systems of nonlinear partial differential equations by the finite element method in one, two and three dimensions. It allows to solve problems from the field of electromagnetism, the theory of elasticity, the dynamics of liquids and gases, and chemical gas dynamics. Femlab also makes it possible to solve the problem both in a mathematical formulation (in the form of a system of equations) and in the physical (choosing a physical model, for example, the model of the diffusion process). Undoubtedly, in any case, the system of equations will be solved, and the difference is only in the possibility of using physical systems of units and physical terminology. In the so-called physical mode of operation, it is also possible to use predetermined equations for most phenomena occurring in science and technology, such as the transfer of heat and electricity, the theory of elasticity, diffusion, wave propagation and fluid flow.
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