Apr 132020

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Working with CopperCAM v25032016 full license
Working with CopperCAM v25032016 full license

Description: CopperCAM is a useful software for engraving, drilling and cutting printed circuit board fibers in a fully managed and controlled manner. Although the program does not connect directly to CNC machines, its output file can be easily downloaded and used by other CNC software. In fact, the program has no control over CNC machines, and all it does is convert Gberber files to the code required by the CNC machine drive. Gerber or Gerber files are created by software design software and are considered as a global standard. This format stores the design data of the printed circuit boards in the formatting of numbers that specify the coordinates of the machining. By connecting the CNC machines to the serial port, the printer or USB, this data is transferred to the machine and according to it, the machining operation begins.
Using the CopperCAM software, you can easily create the necessary files and perform all kinds of work required to make printed circuit fibers, including cutting, drilling, and peeling. This software, despite its simple appearance, does its job well and has provided all the necessary facilities for this work. With this program, you can manage up to 4 different layers simultaneously and specify cutting lines, holes. It is also possible to automatically calculate the safe distance between cutting lines, whether simple or multiple. Of course, it is also possible to manually change and edit these lines manually.
CopperCAM features:
Support for all versions of Windows
Import Gerber and Excellon files with automatic or manual caching
Read Gerber files in RS274-X format with macros, polygonal levels
4-layer management including cutting lines, drilling sites, etc.
Calculate the safe distance between the cutting lines
Ability to generate output in JIC code, HPGL, DXF, Isel-NCP, Roland RDGL
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