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Download Corel PaintShop Pro 2020 x86 x64 full license

Link download Corel PaintShop Pro 2020 win32 win64 full

Working with Corel PaintShop Pro 2020 full

Working with Corel PaintShop Pro 2020 full

Bit depth: 32bit, 64bit
Interface language: Multilingual

Description: Corel PaintShop Pro – PaintShop Pro’s image editing and versatile design tools help you bring your ideas to life. The fastest and most flexible version of PaintShop Pro offers new artistic tools, more precise selection tools, optimized layers, more efficient brushes and a new batch mode.
Corel PaintShop Pro features
• Text wrapping. This tool allows you to instantly fill a selection area or vector object with text that automatically takes the specified shape. Create cool design elements for web graphics, posters, scrapbooking photo albums, brochures, collages, and more.
• Magic Move. Magic Move allows you to speed up the editing process. As you move an object in the image, this new content-sensitive tool automatically fills in the resulting voids with a background texture. You just need to drag the selection to a new location, and the remaining empty area will be automatically filled with a suitable background from the surrounding area.
• Batch processing mode. The updated batch processing mode allows you to quickly solve problems of resizing images and overlaying watermarks, and also makes it possible to work with macros. It offers security features such as deleting file data and adding a watermark when outputting data.
• Increased precision when creating selections. Precise selection tools are an indispensable component of photo editing software. PaintShop Pro lets you size the selection by entering values ​​for height and width. Alternatively, you can specify fixed aspect ratios for the marquee.
• Lens correction. You can now automatically apply lens correction tools in the Edit Workspace and in the RAW File Lab to correct distortion, chromatic aberration, and vignetting that are common with most photo lenses.
• Support for 4K monitors. Combine the new photo editor with a high-definition monitor to highlight every detail and bring out the true beauty of your photos. New icons and improved interface are compatible with Ultra HD displays (up to 250% magnification at 4K resolution).
• More efficient brushes. With 40% to 120% faster application performance, many brushes are now more effective and responsive. In addition, the new maximum brush size (3000px) allows for faster coverage of a larger area.
• Function “Autosearch edges”. Improved performance up to 50% when using Auto Edge Finder. This feature works with other tools to prevent brush strokes from going beyond a specific area.
• Optimized layers. Indispensable for advanced photo editing, compositing and graphic design, layers just got easier and easier to work with. You can quickly find the desired layer by name, merge selected layers and conveniently expand and collapse layer groups.
• Tools for cropping shapes and text. The Shape Crop Tool and the Text Crop Tool let you instantly create photo objects where text and shape are used to crop the underlying image. The resulting object can be pasted or dragged onto another image as a new layer. The new cropper preview provides a preview of the area before the cut is applied.
• Laboratory of RAW files. The RAW Lab offers Before and After views of the image, as well as an enlarged preview window for more comfortable work. As usual, PaintShop Pro continues to add support for new camera models.
• Built-in tutorials. The award-winning Learning Center provides valuable tips and tricks to help you organize your workflow more efficiently. This integrated reference guide offers step-by-step instructions and quick access to the right tools to help you learn new techniques and get the most out of your software.
• Effect “Graduated filter”. Numerous interactive controls let you quickly simulate the effect of applying graduated filters when shooting.
Gradients. Now, in the Material Properties window, you can view the gradient transformation in the image in real time.
• Accelerated save procedure. Our proprietary image file format (* .pspimage) provides up to 50% acceleration when saving data.
Magic Fill tool. With the Fill Magic tool, you can remove unwanted portions of an image and fill them with a suitable background from the surrounding area, even if the background area is textured and uneven. This content-sensitive feature works with your favorite selection tools.
• Photos and graphics for publication on the Internet. Use your photo editor to create impressive sized images for e-commerce sites, blogs and websites. With a full suite of web graphics editing tools, you can save templates, quickly add brands, and more.
• Drawing and painting tools. Breathe life into your works! You can take advantage of a wide range of built-in brushes (Airbrush, Paint Brush, Fill, and Change Colors), as well as import Adobe Photoshop brushes. Vector illustration tools let you use predefined shapes and pens, and place text along a path.
• Map of photos. Track where and when photos were taken with georeferenced images using GPS data and Facebook geo-tagging. Map mode is integrated with Google Maps and allows you to position photos on the map, as well as view and organize your collection of images by location.
• “Share your trip” function. Use this tool to create slideshows where pictures and comments are linked to locations on an interactive map. Save your map as a slideshow, or share it directly to your Dropbox and Facebook accounts.
• Publication of materials on social networks. Stay connected with friends and family! Share your photos and photo projects on Facebook, Flickr, and Google+ with PaintShop Pro’s built-in social media features.
• Educational video tutorials. The built-in Discovery Center helps you find the information you need. The library contains useful and interesting video tutorials to help you master the necessary skills and improve your skills.
• Powerful macro processing system. Speed ​​up routine and repetitive tasks. Now with a new full-featured macro processing system and an updated Scripting Guide, you can automate almost any command in your application.
• Support for third-party plugins. Support for 64-bit third-party plug-in tools and advanced plug-in support for Adobe Photoshop provide users with the broadest creative possibilities.
• Tool “Extraction of objects”. The Object Extraction tool makes it easy to remove objects from very large images thanks to the high performance of the 64-bit architecture. This tool can be used to perform tasks such as removing an object from the original background, or copying and pasting an extracted object into a new image.
• Retouching portraits. Make sure the people in your photos look their best. This is where the Red Eye Removal and Makeup tools are designed to smooth out wrinkles, whiten teeth, and remove blemishes.
• Extended support for file formats. PaintShop Pro supports all popular bitmap and vector file formats, including the .psd Adobe Photoshop. You can import images from a camera, scanner, web or other photo editor. The wide variety of formats in which files can be saved greatly enhances the availability of photographs.
• Comprehensive step-by-step editing process. Each of the workspace tabs contains tools for the corresponding stage of image processing. Management – for viewing, tagging and organizing photos. Adjust – for cropping, straightening and applying photo correction tools. Editing – for fine-tuning, compositing, and finalizing images using graphic design tools.
• Retro effect. Original effects to give your photos a vintage look by changing color and contrast. You will appreciate the instant effects in the spirit of old cameras.
• Instant effects. Apply cool artistic effects to your photos in just a few seconds. Choose from a selection of ready-made effects that are categorized as Artistic, Black & White, Landscape, and Film Styles. Each of the effects is represented by a visual sketch.
• Effect “Selective focus”. Selective Focus allows you to simulate the effect of expensive tilt-shift lenses. It can also add a depth-of-field effect that draws attention to key areas of the image by blurring distracting details.
• Web tools. Choose from a variety of versatile web-based tools to save and optimize images for use online. Use the Image Mapping feature to link HTML to your graphics, and Image Splitting and Rollovers to create designs for web pages.
• Photo restoration. Breathe new life into old family photos with powerful image recovery tools. The Fade Correction tool can help restore contrast and faded colors, and the Scratch Removal tool can smooth cracks and repair torn areas in your photos.
• A variety of tools for working with text. Add text to any graphic design for print or web publishing with a complete set of typographic.
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