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Download Cradle scFLOW 2020 Patch6 Win64 full license forever

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Cradle scFLOW 2020 x64 full license
Cradle scFLOW 2020 x64 full license
Working with Cradle scFLOW 2020 full license
Working with Cradle scFLOW 2020 full license

Systems: 64bit
Interface language: English
System requirements: Win 7 SP1 / 10 64-bit

Description: scFLOW is an application for mathematical modeling of problems of hydrodynamics and heat transfer with an adaptive grid and high computational speed
Features and functions specific to scFLOW
Simplify preprocessor operations
The necessary operations with data from the CAD system for mesh analysis have been greatly simplified compared to previous versions. Saving information about the assembly and setting the details of the part give the impression of continuity in work between systems and reduce the load on the user.
Adaptive grid
Improved the function of local enlargement / grinding of elements during automatic meshing. An adaptive grid is generated from elements with the most suitable size for a particular geometry.
View mode
Data from the preprocessor can be displayed in viewing mode when the license is occupied by the postprocessor or by mesh generation.
Logging operations through the VB interface
Operations from the preprocessor can be saved as a log file using the Visual Basic interface. This makes it impossible to create custom scripts, but allows you to create an automated system in a short period based on the operations stored in the log.
Faster Stationary Analysis
The used optimization of the calculation algorithm increased the productivity of the convergence function and reduced the estimated cycle time for stationary calculations.
Calculation stabilization
For a grid of low quality elements, calculations can be automatically stabilized to prevent discrepancies.
Script development
Previously, complex settings (material properties or boundary conditions that depend on time or coordinate) required the creation of C code and subsequent compilation. When using scripts, compilation is not required, and the functions themselves can be written in a preprocessor in JavaScript.
Moving Elements (Discrete Grid)
Performing calculations for moving objects: rotation of the fan, moving cars close to each other. The accuracy of the calculation of compounds of elements is improved by revising the algorithm. For the parallel solver, the memory efficiency has been improved, which should bring a significant effect in multi-core computing when working with large tasks.
Free surface
The software calculates the shape of the contact surface between gaseous and liquid substances. This function can be used in conjunction with functions such as moving borders, overlapping grids, and tracking elementary particles. In the case of stabilization of the phase surface, a stationary analysis is possible, which gives a result in a shorter time.
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