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DEFORM V10.2 win32 win64 full crack
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working with DEFORM V10.2 32bit 64bit full license

DEFORM – specialized engineering software package designed for the analysis of metal forming processes, thermal and mechanical processing. DEFORM can check, develop and optimize manufacturing processes directly to the computer, and not in the course of experiments on the production method of trial and error. This significantly reduces the terms of output, increasing its quality and reduced costs. A US company Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation (SFTC).
DEFORM allows to model virtually all processes used in metal forming (forging, stamping, rolling, pressing, etc.)., And heat treatment operations (hardening, aging, vacation, etc..) And machining (milling, drilling, etc.). .
DEFORM is used around the world, both in industrial plants, and in research institutes and technical universities, is the most popular software package for the simulation of metal forming processes, rolling, etc ..
Extras. information:
DEFORM-3D – a module designed to simulate three-dimensional metal forming processes
DEFORM-2D – a module designed to simulate two-dimensional metal forming processes (axisymmetric and plane problems)
DEFORM-F3 – module for three-dimensional simulation of metal forming processes. It is a “lite” version DEFORM 3D
DEFORM-F2 – unit for two-dimensional simulation of metal forming processes (axisymmetric and plane problems), “lite” version DEFORM 2D
DEFORM HT3 and DEFORM HT2 – modules for modeling, respectively three-dimensional and two-dimensional (axisymmetric and plane problems) heat treatment processes
DEFORM-TOOLS – a module designed to create animations and presentations
Ring Rolling 3D – Module for simulation of rolling rings. It can work as a standalone unit or as a supplement to the module DEFORM-3D.
Algorithms solutions optimized for the process of rolling rings. Generator module builds mesh grid of 8-node hexahedron and may automatically be left to stand too long if necessary. It provides complete information about the course of the process rolling with its visualization.
Results of the solution with the help of the module Ring Rolling 3D multiple tasks in comparison with experimental data are available here.
Cogging (3D) – application to the module DEFORM-3D to simulate the processes of pulling on the hammer.
The module includes a set of standard geometries of workpieces and manipulator for broaching. Process parameters are Number of heating the workpiece, the order filing and tipping, the size of the hammer, the time between impact and serve. Preview simulated operation to help prevent mistakes. It provides complete information about the course of the process rolling with the possibility of visualizing it.
Shape Rolling (3D) – application to the module DEFORM-3D – modeling of rolling process to prevent the formation of folds in the material, stretch bending, etc. It can be optimized such processes as forming rate, character movement amount and speed of roll. Simple, wizard-driven interface module, a library of standard pieces and rolls make it easy to enter the initial data for modeling.
Inverse Property Extraction (2D or 3D) – Attachment to Module DEFORM-3D or DEFORM-2D, the definition of the heat transfer coefficient on the border of the blank. A simple stepwise guides the user interface module from the data input to the final result.
Simulation Queue – module that allows to realize the batch processing of multiple tasks mode
Microstructure 3D and Microstructure 2D – are applications to modules DEFORM-3D and DEFORM-2D, respectively, for the three-dimensional modeling of heat treatment processes. Functionally corresponding module DEFORM HT3 and DEFORM HT2, but, in addition, allow to simulate microstructural transformations in the workpiece during its deformation.
Machining 3D and Machining 2D – Attachment to Module DEFORM-3D and DEFORM-2D, respectively, for the simulation of machining processes,.
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