Feb 082020

Download devDept Eyeshot Ultimate 12.0.239 x86 x64 full license

Link download devDept Eyeshot Ultimate 12.0.239 win32 win64 full

Working with devDept Eyeshot Ultimate 12.0 full license
Working with devDept Eyeshot Ultimate 12.0 full license

Description: .NET programmers can use devDept Eyeshot rich programs in the field of CAD design. In fact, this product, which has a set of libraries and components .NET Framework and C # written that facilitate learning and will work with this product. Eyeshot includes a whole bunch of different kinds of curves, multi-directional meshes, surfaces, solids and Abrnqth and modeling tools include boolean operations, offset levels is of Abrnqat. The standard CAD formats for import and export support. .NET application (C # & VB) can easily communicate with DevDept Eyeshot and its programs enabling use of this product.
Features and devDept Eyeshot:
Vienna native controls for WPF form and
Heavy modeling for asynchronous
Import / export of standard CAD formats
Access to all data models such as: Tesselations, B-Rep
A choice between a number of styles set at design time preview
Many examples to get familiar with the product performance
Using minimal hardware for installation
For one hundred percent managed code in the fashion AnyCPU
High performance even for very complex surfaces
Perfect performance with very high accuracy
View port controls can be configured in two and three dimensions
The use of parallel processing that enables it to be available any time
One of the best products in the area of ​​operations, zoom, move and rotate dynamically
The possibility of three-dimensional scene analysis and display of hidden lines
Choose different modes and advanced
Finite element analysis is possible
Ability to work with a mouse, finger (touch screens) or Microsoft’s Kinect technology
Optimize the final design and test efficiency by combining finite element analysis capabilities and powerful modeling tools
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