Jul 252020

Download DNV Leak 3.3 x86 x64 full license 100% working forever

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Working with DNV Leak 3.3 full license

Working with DNV Leak 3.3 full license

Description: DNV Leak is a powerful and simple software for detecting fluid leakage by frequency analysis method. This method uses the opening and closing of an oscillating valve at the bottom of the pipe and analyzing the system frequency responses in a specified range and examining the pre-leakage and post-leakage changes can pinpoint the location of the leak. This method also considers friction in pipes and is therefore one of the most accurate methods in this field. This method detects leaks in the range of 0.5 discharge and above. Various softwares have been provided for calculations related to this method, and DNV Leak is one of the suitable programs in this regard. This program is organized and with a systematic approach is able to detect leakage currents of various equipment and devices, in addition to these is also able to verify and evaluate the results.

The organized approach of this program means that you are able to perform all kinds of analyzes automatically and with the guidance of the program, which saves a lot of time compared to the manual method. This product can be used to detect leaks from a variety of devices such as pipes, valves, pumps and related equipment, and in fact any type of pipe and duct. DNV Leak informs you of potential leak hazards through frequency analysis through its special methods and algorithms, thus preventing potential hazards before they occur. This product has a complete database of leakage currents such as UK HSE and HCRD, which can be used for all types of piping systems and their connection equipment.
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