Apr 102020

Download Efofex FX Draw 6.003.12 DC 2016-11-22 full license forever

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Working with Efofex FX Draw 6.003.12 DC full
Working with Efofex FX Draw 6.003.12 DC full

Description: FX Draw is good software for drawing mathematical and geometric diagrams. The developer of the program states that the purpose of creating its program is as follows: “Creating a program for mathematics teachers to draw the desired mathematical diagrams with the minimum required input data.” It’s really worth explaining when we look at the program. This software has many tools for easy drawing of angles, diagrams, geometric shapes, curves, van and و diagrams. With the help of these tools, teachers can draw their desired diagrams much more easily than before and not be too involved in the technical aspects of the program. In addition, the program has 300 pre-defined diagrams that will be used in various fields.
The program is also able to share the drawn results in the form of dramatic documents, web or slides. These documents are printable and students can print them for a better understanding. One of the important applications of this program is its live performance on interactive whiteboards, which has recently become popular in Iranian schools. In this method, the teacher implements the desired software and draws the desired diagrams and shapes on the whiteboard, like the black background, but this time digitally and interactively, while providing explanations at each stage. This will have a huge impact on students’ understanding and learning.
Features and Features of FX Draw:
Drawing a variety of mathematical and geometric diagrams
Has more than 300 ready-made charts in various mathematical fields
Ability to run the program on the Interactive Winter Board
Ability to output as a slide or web
Tools for drawing angles, geometric shapes, curves
Has accurate measurement tools for performing calculations on graphs
Ability to draw van diagrams
Ability to import images
Easy and uncomplicated graphical environment
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