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FEST3D 2018.02.00 x86 x64 full license
FEST3D 2018.02.00 x86 x64 full license
Working with FEST3D 2018.02.00 full
Working with FEST3D 2018.02.00 full

Description: The FEST3D product is designed for numerical simulation of passive waveguide devices. The computational algorithm is based on the method of moments and the Boundary Integral-Resonant Mode Expansion method. This combination of numerical methods makes it possible to obtain results with high accuracy and efficient use of computational resources, which becomes especially important in the case of analyzing devices with several operating modes.
The model is constructed using the description blocks:
– Waveguides of rectangular, round and coaxial section;
– Coaxial communication devices
– Composite waveguides
– Diaphragmed waveguides
– Coaxial resonators
– Bends
– etc. (the full list is available on the official website)

To automatically tune the received models, an optimizer is available to the user, which supports the following algorithms:
– Simplex method
– Powell method using conjugate directions
– Global optimizer (genetic algorithm)

Tools post-processing results complement the ability to analyze the sensitivity of performance in relation to the manufacturing error:

Extras. Information: The product provides a filter synthesis tool, which, according to the formalized technical specification, automatically creates the filter geometry and its transfer characteristic. The possibility of synthesis of bandpass filters, low-pass filters, waveguide filters of variable cross-section (rectangular) and two-mode filters.
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