Aug 072020

Download Gray Technical Excel Draw 3.0.9 x86 x64 full cracked

Link download Gray Technical Excel Draw 3.0.9 win32 win64 full license

Working with Gray Technical Excel Draw 3.0.9 full

Working with Gray Technical Excel Draw 3.0.9 full

Description: Gray Technical Excel Draw is a powerful plugin for drawing and opening CAD files in Excel. Using this plugin, you can easily create various maps in Excel software, open, output and even view its 3D view in Excel. You can use different objects such as rectangles, lines, dots, curves, circles and text in your drawings. Using Excel features, you can connect these shapes together and finally save them in popular CAD formats. This plugin can save your drawings in various formats such as DXF, TXT, PNG, JPG, PDF, HTML and XLS and CSV.
One of the important advantages of this product is the ability to open and view 3D drawings and objects in it without AutoCAD software and only through a simple Excel environment. Many similar software do the same thing, but they definitely need to have AutoCAD installed. Excel Draw is the only commercial software that turns Excel software into a complete drawing environment without the need for AutoCAD. This plugin is fully integrated with the Excel software environment after installation, and like Excel, you can easily communicate with it. Since everyone is more or less familiar with Excel, this plugin is very interesting for beginner users who are not very familiar with AutoCAD.
Features of Gray Technical Excel Draw plugin:
Convert Excel to a software for drawing and editing CAD drawings and drawings without the need for AutoCAD
Ability to draw a variety of geometric shapes such as lines, rectangles, text objects, curves, circles and…
Open and edit DXF files
Manage, delete and update live objects
Ability to rotate, move, and zoom drawings in a 3D environment
Export results in various DXF, PNG, PDF, TXT, HTML, JPG, XLS and CSV formats
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