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Working with GSL Biotech SnapGene full license

Working with GSL Biotech SnapGene full license

Description: SnapGene is a product of GSL Biotech, the first molecular biology software that is easier to use than pen and paper. Currently, any DNA made in your lab can be recorded in an electronic file and shared around the world using the free SnapGene Viewer software.
Features and features of SnapGene software:

In-Fusion® Cloning: A versatile versatile method for creating borderless gene connections. SnapGene is the first software to simulate this method. Just select the DNA piece you want to mix, the program will design it.

Gibson Assembly®: Many researchers are converting assembly gibson to plasmid without the use of limited enzymes. The DNA segment is joined together by PCR to create interference.

PCR & Mutagenesis: After primer design, they can be used for conventional PCR simulation, PCR overlap extensions, or mutations. The result of DNA sequence files is immediately available for further manipulation.

Automatic documentation: Automatic recording of steps in a simulation project. Each time you edit or simulate a sequence, it is automatically recorded in the graphic history. After simulating the creation of a DNA structure, you can use history as a test protocol.

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis: Using an advanced algorithm to create realistic Agars simulations. Limited parts are displayed in three simulated gel formats, numeric lists and sequence maps. You can use this simulated gel to plan diagnostic limitations or compare an image with a prediction pattern.
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