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Download Howden Group Ventsim DESIGN Premium full license

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Working with Ventsim DESIGN Premium full license

Working with Ventsim DESIGN Premium full license

Description: Ventsim DESIGN includes all the features of Ventsim Visual ™ Advanced as well as VentFIRE. For fire simulation, VentLog ™ Ventilation inspection software and LiveView ™ for remote data connection and display of modules. Ventsim ™ was originally introduced as a mining plant in 1994 to help visually design, improve and optimize underground ventilation systems.
The program was previously offered by Chasm Consulting, which has since been acquired by Howden Group.
Features and specifications of Ventsim DESIGN Premium software:
Dynamic planning of heat and gas events: Heat, air or gas change can be introduced at dynamic pre-planning intervals.
Radon simulation: Predicting the level of worker placement based on the amount of radon emitted from different regions and over time. Gas can remain in the mining space based on your ventilation design.
VentLog ™: Software package for recording data review, output design and coverage on Ventsim models
LiveView ™ Module: To connect to output data and display and simulate data
VentFIRE ™ Module: To use dynamic simulation to predict fire temperature, gases and flow direction
Air flow charts and costs through a range of different sizes and types of airways
Displays upstream pathways and concentrations of contaminated (or fresh) airflow
Distribution of smoke or other pollutants through a network
Use thermodynamics to simulate the effects of natural ventilation
Predict heat and humidity produced by diesel equipment
Predict heat and humidity emanating from rock layers
Change different fan speeds in the network
A number of calculated data types that can be displayed on the page as text or color
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