May 132017

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IMSI DesignCAD 3D Max 20.0 full
IMSI DesignCAD 3D Max 20.0 full
Design with IMSI DesignCAD 3D Max 20.0 full license
Design with IMSI DesignCAD 3D Max 20.0 full license

: DesignCAD 3D Max is a program that combines an easy-to-understand and use 2D drawing with powerful and accurate 3D modeling for achieving stunning results depending on your imagination and creativity. Design has never been as easy as using an easy-to-understand interface program and an extensive reference library. The program allows you to quickly create the necessary drawings. Also in the program there is an opportunity of solid modeling and creation of animation and presentations. DesignCAD 3D Max is a universal CAD tool for beginners and advanced users.
Main features:
* Flexibility, ease of understanding and use
* Precise 2D drawing and 3D modeling
* 3D visualization and lighting
* Select from more than 10,000 standard characters and over 700 3D characters
* Create great animation presentations
* Add flexibility while using the program
* Compatible with AutoCAD DWG / DXF
New Features
Improved Layer Options
An option has been added to Layer Options to “Automatically toggle by-layer settings”. When this option is off, moving to a layer with a preset linestyle or color updates the current linestyle and/or color, but doesn’t automatically turn on the Linestyle by Layer or Color by Layer flags.
Improved Grouping
A group entity’s layer no longer affects the visibility of group contents.
Improved Trimming of a line against a circle, arc, or closed shape
Now when “Trim Picked Segments Only” is selected, the line will trim to the intersection closest to the point selected on the trimming shape rather than to the intersection closest to the original end of the line. If not selected, users can still trim against the closest segment of a polyline.
General Performance Enhancements include:
* Improved Dimension Select
* Improved PointXYZ key
* Improved Paperspace fixed-width lines
* Improved Intersect2 with Circles
* Improved Circle Tangent to Two Lines
* Improved Vertical Dimensions
* Improved Bounding Box calculation
* Improved Show/Hide Command Dialog box “Hide” command
* Improved Enable Offscreen Bitmap option
* Improved Move Origin
* Improved interoperability with older versions of DesignCAD (17 and older) – Now saved dimensions are fully editable in the target version of DesignCAD
* Arrowheads in Dim Progressive now correspond to user-selected arrowheads
* Reverse Points in the Info Box is now enabled for MultiLine entities
Plus, some default settings have been change based on user input including Running Snaps OFF, Interruptible Snaps ON, Layer list shows all layers instead of named layers only
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