Apr 112020

Download Keysight SystemVue 2020.1 x64 full license forever

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Working with Keysight SystemVue 2020.1 full license
Working with Keysight SystemVue 2020.1 full license

Description: SystemVue is a software environment automated electronic design (EDA) software for electronic design (ESL). This software enables system architects and algorithm developers to innovate the physical layer (PHY) of wireless space communication systems and provide unique RF, DSP, and FPGA / ASIC executives. As a proprietary platform for ESL design and signal processing, SystemVue replaces digital, analog and mathematical multifunctional environments.
SystemVue software features:
Superior integration with acceleration testing and simplification of design flow based on your model
Multi-shaped design entry
Simple I / O programming, diagrams and files
Easy to put ip in different formats
C ++ development interface
Construction of floating and fixed point models in C ++
Model debugging using Microsoft Visual Studio’s standard and familiar interface
Indigenous support for hundreds of communicative mathematical functions
Graphical user interface to create models and simulations
Familiar command line interface, TCP / IP interactive debugger, replacing multiple licenses requested by other environments
Advanced scheduling
Faster simulation of multi-core CPUs
Support for HDL and MATLAB simulations
Interaction of TCP / IP I / O with simulation tools directly or from the command line
Reuse confirmation settings, scripts and wireless IP
FIR, IIR and analog communication filter types
Display time and frequency domains, graphical interaction
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