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Download LIFTdesigner 5.2.22 Corporate Suite x86 x64 full license

Link download LIFTdesigner 5.2.22 Corporate Suite win32 win64 full crack

Working with LIFTdesigner 5.2.22 Corporate Suite full license
Working with LIFTdesigner 5.2.22 Corporate Suite full license

Description: LIFTdesigner is a great software for designing and building elevator maps. This software is able to design different types of traction and hydraulic elevators and draw their maps. The program is able to perform all the calculations required during design and mapping and include them in the map. It is possible to design elevators in two and three dimensions. All components and parts involved in elevators, along with their dimensions and size, can be considered. Different parts of the elevator can be installed and mounted on top of each other according to the type of implementation method. This program has tools that will definitely be very easy to assemble. With the help of this program, you can design the doors of floors, rails and other involved parts with high accuracy and finally receive a map with complete details.
One of the strengths of LIFTdesigner is its simplicity. The simple application environment is designed. All tools are available through both toolbars and menus. You can use a variety of standard and international parts in elevator design. You can estimate different calculations such as the weight of different parts and the total weight of the elevator. For cable elevators, it is possible to choose the type of tow ropes used. You will be able to design the elevator using one-to-one or two-to-one suspension systems. The area of ​​the elevator car can be calculated with great precision. The results of the program can be downloaded in various formats and can be printed on standard paper. If you are designing an elevator, we recommend that you use this program to make your job easier.
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