Jun 262017

download MaGmaSoft 4.4 full crack|MaGmaSoft 2005 full license

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MaGmaSoft 4.4 full license
MaGmaSoft 4.4 full license
Working with MaGmaSoft 4.4 full
Working with MaGmaSoft 4.4 full
Simulation with MaGmaSoft 4.4
Simulation with MaGmaSoft 4.4

: MAGMASOFT is based on FDM and has the following modules:
Preprocessor – model preparation
Enmeshment – FD grid generator
Simulation – calculation module
Postprocessor – visualization of results
Database – database of casting materials and shapes.
MAGMASOFT has the means of solid modeling, as well as the ability to import files from CAD-systems in two formats – IGES and STL, a direct interface with Pro / Engineer and EUCLID3, export to some FEA-systems.
In the basic version, MAGMASOFT allows you to model:
Sand-clay molding
Casting into chill mold.
To model other types of casting, you need to purchase additional modules:
MAGMAlpdc – low pressure casting
MAGMAhpdc – high pressure casting
MAGMAdisa – simulation of casting in the formless for the DISAMATIC line
MAGMAiron – cast iron.
More than 300 companies around the world are users of the SM LAG MAGMA, including Russian enterprises Gasapparat, Gazmash, AvtoVAZ, Ukrainian AvtoKraz and a large number of foreign companies such as Georg Fischer, General Motors, Ford Motor, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Honda, Volvo, Daewoo, Tatra and others.
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