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MSC SimXpert 2012 build CL149556 x86 x64 full license
MSC SimXpert 2012 build CL149556 x86 x64 full license
Working with MSC SimXpert 2012 build CL149556 full
Working with MSC SimXpert 2012 build CL149556 full

Description: MSC SimXpert is intended, first of all, for highly skilled engineers – experts. MSC SimXpert contains a set of full-featured settings for the software environment – workspace (“workspace”), aimed at solving problems in a certain area of ​​knowledge:
Structures: linear and non-linear, static and dynamic analysis of the structure, calculation of own shapes and vibration frequencies of the structure, analysis of loss of stability, frequency response, analysis of transients, two-dimensional and three-dimensional contact of rigid and elastic bodies, etc., Modeling of geometry, automated means for adapting geometric data for the needs of analysis of construction, means of generation, editing, including “morphing” of the finite element grid, and many other possibilities. MD solver Nastran is used as a solver, a system combining best-in-class computer-aided engineering analysis systems, including MSC Nastran, Marc and LS-DYNA, into one fully integrated supersystem for multidisciplinary modeling across the enterprise;
Motion: simulation of the operation of machines and mechanisms, taking into account kinematic and power connections (fastenings, rigid and elastic joints, springs, dampers, etc.), modeling of rigid and elastic bodies based on integration with MD Nastran, static, quasistatic and dynamic calculations etc.; As the solver MD Adams is used;
Thermal: a complete thermal analysis of the finite element model – calculation of the processes of heat transfer, thermal conductivity, natural and forced convection, radiation, and also the performance of the associated thermal strength analysis, etc .; As a solver MD Nastran is used;
Crash: safety assessment of the design – solving the problems of analysis of design explicitly, taking into account essentially non-linear factors, modeling collisions of the structure with environmental objects – crash and drop tests, manipulation and positioning of the virtual passenger and pedestrian mannequin, simulating the actuation of the seatbelt, airbags and Etc. The solver is LS-DYNA.
MSC SimXpert has an open, extensible architecture. A set of workspace can be extended by the user by connecting to MSC SimXpert as solvers, both proprietary software systems and third-party software systems.
The ability to directly interact with CAD systems in MSC SimXpert allows you to avoid data translation, which inevitably leads to a decrease in the accuracy of the model and an increase in the probability of errors. The bi-directional association of the geometrical model in SimXpert and CAD is supported, parametrization of the geometric model is preserved. SimXpert supports CAD interfaces: CATIA v5, Pro / Engineer, CAD systems using the Parasolid geometric core, as well as other formats for representing the geometric model.
MSC SimXpert integrates a powerful modeling, analysis and optimization templates creation environment – Template Studio, presented as a separate workspace – Template Builder. Template Studio allows you to save and accumulate the best design techniques for re-use by specialists throughout the enterprise. Due to automated execution of process templates, the productivity of design work increases. Templates developed in Template Builder are saved and edited in the SimXpert environment, then transferred to the SimManager Enterprise Simulation Data Management System (SDM). Thus, a “Knowledge Base” is created for the processes of modeling, analysis and optimization of products for a particular enterprise. After that, the templates can be reused for solving problems by designers and engineers who work in the environment of SimDesigner, SimXpert and MD Nastran. At the same time, a system-based automated approach to the accumulation and systematization of work experience throughout the Enterprise is implemented. The templates and models accumulated in the Knowledge Base, fixing the important stages of the product creation processes at the Enterprise, not only significantly improve the efficiency and quality of work with shorter terms, but also ensure the preservation of the accumulated experience and its further application even in various force majeure situations typical for modern Enterprises, for example, illness of leading specialists, dismissals, forced cuts, reorganization of enterprises, etc.
Advantages of MSC SimXpert:
Cross-cutting modeling – solving problems in a complex, taking into account the interrelationship of different disciplines, increasing the productivity of a specialist. His work is completely transferred to a single unified multidisciplinary environment for modeling, analysis and optimization;
Direct interaction with CAD-SimXpert uses the same mathematical base as CAD-systems. As a result, the system’s flexibility, its manageability, there is no need to translate geometric data;
Multidisciplinary integration and a single data model – a significant expansion of the range of tasks to be solved, increasing accuracy, reducing the number of errors associated with the translation of calculated data from one format to another, solving the problem of “islands” – the problems of interaction of diverse software products from different manufacturers;
Automation of modeling and analysis processes using templates – improving design efficiency, reducing the risk of errors, developing a single enterprise standard for product design processes;
Integration at the enterprise level as a whole – a significant increase in the number of re-executed debugged processes of modeling, analysis and optimization, ensuring the joint work of experts, designers, engineers and managers of the whole enterprise. The knowledge base on modeling processes is used by all specialists of the enterprise.
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