Apr 172020

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Working with NI Circuit Design Suite 14.2 full license
Working with NI Circuit Design Suite 14.2 full license

Description: NI Circuit Design Suite is one of the most powerful software for analyzing, designing and manufacturing electrical and electronic circuits. Many electronics enthusiasts are well acquainted with Electronic Workbench software and are well aware of its capabilities in circuit design and problem solving. The developer of this software, National Instruments, with full attention to the extent of its use and the need for several changes, has now released a new version of the software called NI Circuit Design Suite, which basically includes two software NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard. is. The purpose of merging the two softwares under the name of the unit is to provide an integrated package that most users can meet. Software in previous versions called EWB or Electronic WorkBench was made by National Instrument Company or NI. The company has launched other very powerful software such as LabView.
Multisim is designed to professionally design electronic circuits and simulate circuits with virtual testing and execution. This software has the ability to design your circuit in the software and enter the current into the circuit and observe the output of the circuit. This eliminates the need for you to run the circuit in hardware and prevents additional costs. This software has a library that includes a variety of circuit design equipment. From capacitors and switches to ohmmeters and voltmeters, several oscilloscope and multimeter models, and so on. All in this software is available to you virtually.
Ultiboard software is a powerful virtual environment for tracking current flow in the circuit so that it very easily simulates the schematic layer of Multisim software and tracks the output current and can print the output on the actual circuit. With Ultiboard, you can create a pcb or printed circuit board. You will see that the power of this software in some cases is much better than other software such as Orcad.
One of the features that makes this software important in the field of electronics is the simulation of digital circuits and logic gates, the library that exists for digital components in this software is much more complete than other software of the same level.
Other notable features of this software include the ability to analyze and graphic designs. It is also worth noting that the software provides full support for step-by-step designs as well as bus guidance.
Features and Features of NI Circuit Design Suite :
– Integration and interaction of NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard software
– Ability to easily use to simulate circuits with sampling tools
– Accurate and professional simulation of the circuit
– Design with visual and cost-effective design tools easily
– Reduce design errors with analog simulation capabilities
– Accurate measurement and description and interpretation of the circuit with variable values
– Support for various designs
– New magic circuits and constructive models
– Powerful in analyzing the best
– Ability to take photos and record
– Ability to support bass guidance
– Full support for step-by-step and series plans
– Complete archive of circuits and facilities
– Ability to display experiments and fast signals.
– Ability to use standard integration tools.
– Upgrading the graphical interface and making the circuit design environment more beautiful
– Ability to view the 3D view of the circuit
– Simulation of circuits that work with intermittent power supply
– Draw and simulate the circuit in a few pages
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