Aug 072020

Download NovAtel Inertial Explorer 8.80.2720 x64 full license forever

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Working with NovAtel Inertial Explorer 8.80.2720 full license

Working with NovAtel Inertial Explorer 8.80.2720 full license

Description: Inertial Explorer maximizes GNSS / INS hardware performance by ensuring positioning, speed, and accuracy of program vision. Strong integration of GNSS and IMU data yields accurate results even when low-grade inertia sensors are used. Inertial Explorer can produce suitable results for on-demand applications such as mobile mapping, aerial mapping and hydrography. IMU data can be processed from fiber optics using high-level fiber optics (FOG) or gyroscope laser ring (RLG) and from low-grade sensor technology such as micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS).
This software has a workflow to match your business and expertise. A project wizard is available so that new GNSS / INS users can generate quickly. For more experienced users, there are many processing configuration options. Automatic detection of processing environment (air, land, infantry and marine vehicles) allows GNSS + INS processing settings to be automatically used to simplify workflows and reduce the learning curve required to start producing quality results.
Features and specifications of Inertial Explorer software:
Build HTML QC reports
GNSS / INS free and robust processing
Precise Point Positioning (PPP) processing
Includes a flexible wizard for ASCII exports
Boresight module for solving angular compensation between IMU and camera frames
Full support for dual frequency GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS
Direct output to Google Earth, RIEGL POF / POQ, DXF and SBET formats
Internal processing profiles for aviation, ground, pedestrian, UAV and offshore projects
Calculate the distance between the IMU and the device frame for users who need to output the attitude towards the device frame
Customizable support for L1 + L2 (includes E5b, B2I) or L1 + L5 (includes E5b, B2a) for different applications
Attitude correction is automatically applied to the effect of vertical deviation using an EGM2008 geographic model of the earth
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