Nov 292018

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Working with NUMECA Fine-Marine 7.2.1 x64 full license
Working with NUMECA Fine-Marine 7.2.1 x64 full license

Description: The FINE / MarineTM program is the first in the world CFD high-level design software package designed for solving specialized problems of ship hydrodynamics.
To create grids, the complex includes an automatic generator of unstructured hexahedral grids with an explicit resolution of the viscous boundary layer HEXPRESSTM.
FINE / MarineTM implements the RANSE approach based on the ISIS CFD solver, developed by ECN and CNRS (Laboratory of Hydromechanics, Division of Numerical Hydrodynamics), France.
This approach allows:
perform flow modeling in areas with complex geometry (using structured and unstructured grids);
make automatic adaptation (chopping / coarsening) of the grid in the calculation process based on the results of earlier approximations;
optimize vessel hull geometry using evolutionary algorithms;
apply a wide range of turbulence models (Spalart-Allmaras, (Wilcox / Menter), (E) ASM, Rij, DES);
carry out cavitation modeling;
to solve problems of modeling the movement of one or several absolutely solid or deformable bodies on the free surface of a liquid (movement of marine objects).
CFView is a powerful solution visualization platform that provides a full range of capabilities for displaying the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of 2D / 3D calculations.
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