Mar 132018

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Working with Prometech ParticleWorks 6.0 x64 full license
Working with Prometech ParticleWorks 6.0 x64 full license

Language support: English, Russian, multilanguage
ParticleWorks software to analyze and solve problems in computational fluid dynamics or CFD is a numerical computing methods of using MPS or Moving Particle Simulation. Semi-implicit method of moving particles of known methods without network or Lagrangian particle that has attracted the attention of many specialists to.
Since using this method is easy software to simulate realistic motion of fluid particles designed, companies including Prometech to this method turned in software production. This program helps engineers to the extent of the problems with many of the intricacies of modeling are specific, easily and with high accuracy and then simulate. Simulations conducted in this program is very accurate and based on real world. A variety of hard and soft liquid, powder, etc. can be used. Since the fluids are divided into two categories: discrete particles, the most complex transformation and change, they can prepare complex without engaging with or without the use of advanced meshes do.
Facilities and features ParticleWorks:
New MPS simulation using computational fluid dynamics
No need to use complicated meshes and preparation before simulation
A top speed of analysis and simulation utilizes the power of hardware-accelerated GPU
Powerful graphical environment and without defect.
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