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Download PTC Arbortext Editor 7.1 M060 Win64 full license forever

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Working with PTC Arbortext Editor 7.1 M060 full
Working with PTC Arbortext Editor 7.1 M060 full

Description: Arbortext Editor is a tool for preparing XML documents, which is a full-featured solution that meets various needs in the development of textual information about the product.
The Arbortext Editor is used to create user guides, maintenance guides, e-learning materials, and marketing, commercial, and reference documents. Arbortext Editor saves the author’s time and effort by creating “components” of XML-based documentation that can be easily reused to ensure uniform documentation.
Content components are managed and tracked to create dynamic assemblies during the publishing process using Windchill or Arbortext Content Manager.
Features and Benefits:
Support for S1000D standard;
Creation and editing of components and documentation sets;
Over 25 languages ​​with support for matching character sets and spelling dictionaries;
Support for publishing standards, for example, DITA and DocBook, as well as XML, SGML, XSL (XSL-FO and XSLT), XML Schema, XPath, XInclude, DOM and other web standards;
Support for tables in HTML, CALS, OASIS and Arbortext formats;
Supply of publications with interactive graphic elements, paperwork with complex graphics (CGM, EDZ, ISO, ISOZ, PVZ and SVG formats);
Operational content support:
Creating publications for various users using conditional text;
Automatic inclusion of data directly from databases and information systems;
Extensive customization options:
Creating and customizing dialogs and toolbars using XML configuration files and built-in ActiveX controls;
Access to over 95% of Arbortext Editor’s capabilities using the API or directly through COM, supporting many different programming languages ​​including C / C ++, Java, JScript, JavaScript, Visual Basic, VBScript and PerlScript. TCL support can be configured optionally.
Arbortext Editor is integrated with applications such as Arbortext IsoView and Creo View. You can also expand the use of this application by embedding it in a browser as ActiveX control (ActiveX control) or by installing it as a separate application. Run Arbortext Editor directly in Windchill and Arbortext Content Manager for faster XML authoring.
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