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Download Starry Night Pro Plus 8.0.6 x86 x64 full license forever

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Working with Starry Night Pro Plus 8.0.6 full license

Working with Starry Night Pro Plus 8.0.6 full license

Description: Starry Night is astronomical software for observing stars, planets, satellites, comets and any object in the sky above us. This program is provided for both Mac and Windows platforms. In this post, we have provided the Mac version for users. With this software, the sky map is in your hands. You can easily start working with this program with a little basic information and get very exciting information about thousands of stars and celestial bodies. In addition to up-to-date and complete information, this program has a complete collection of real images of celestial bodies, which will double the excitement of this observation.
In the new versions of this program, a special focus has been placed on amateur astronomy and various capabilities have been considered for this group of users. One of the interesting and exciting features of this software is the proper connection with telescopes that have goto headquarters. With goto, the telescope aperture can be rotated automatically to the desired celestial body, and amateur astronomers will not need to do anything for this. It only gives the desired mass to the goto and the telescope points to the telescope aperture to the desired mass by means of an automatic motor. Now Starry Night software has made this process even easier, with this program you can select the desired object in the software and ensure the cable connection of the telescope with the computer with just one click of the telescope opening to the desired object It is adjustable and you can easily observe it.
Features and specifications of Starry Night software:
Realistic view of the night sky
Has complete information of thousands of different stars
View the night sky from anywhere on Earth or anywhere in the solar system, near the Milky Way or the local cluster of galaxies
View historical information about the past and present of thousands of years from the past of the stars in the sky
Ability to create animations from the time course of changes in celestial bodies
View the current position of celestial bodies, satellites and International Space Stations
Control of telescopes with goto headquarters via interface cable
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