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VariCAD 2010 v2.03 full license
VariCAD 2010 v2.03 full license
Designing with VariCAD 2010 v2.03 full crack
Designing with VariCAD 2010 v2.03 full crack

Language: English
Description: VariCAD – Multiplatform 2D / 3D
CAD program for modeling various graphic
Objects. In VariCAD, the user can choose between panels
Icons or drop-down menus. VariCAD can import and export both DXF and IGES. You can squeeze and rotate 2D geometry to get 3D bodies.
Other types of solids: prisms, cylinders, truncated pyramids, truncated cones, conical tubes, spirals. In addition to the standard Boolean operations, combining and subtracting,
You get a tool to cut and save, save the part, cut out the saved part and tool, and add the cut out part. Other auxiliary functions include: fillets, chamfers, holes, grooves. When solid bodies are constructed, they can be analyzed in various ways, from the distance between
Objects to the centers of mass and moments of inertia. VariCAD is focused on designing in the field of mechanical engineering. Supports STEP, STL, IGES, DWG and DXF formats. With this product, you can create drawings (2D-editor) and simulate different nodes and structures (3D-editor). VariCAD allows the use of non-graphical data (material properties, etc.) for model calculations. The program has a built-in converter that allows you to work with files of some other CAD-systems, for example, AutoCAD.
VariCAD is released in versions for Windows and GNU / Linux.
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