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solidworks 2012 advanced training DVD | bộ video học solidworks nâng cao

Học solidworks 2012 nâng cao bằng video
Học solidworks 2012 nâng cao bằng video
Download dvd đào tạo solidworks 2012 nâng cao
Download dvd đào tạo solidworks 2012 nâng cao

Danh sách các video đào tạo solidworks nâng cao
00. Free Videos From This Course
Patterning And Positioning Bodies
Why You Need Surfaces
Ruled Surfaces And Mutual Trim
Creating A Flat Wire From A 3D Sketch
Using The Wrap Feature
Face Fillets
File Management For Split Bodies
Universal Joint Mate
Assembling The Engine – Valve Train
Motion And Animation
Component Patterns
01. Advanced Multibody
0101 Multiple Bodies
0102 Body Folders And Display Properties
0103 Feature Scope And Combine
0104 Using The Split Feature
0105 Patterning And Positioning Bodies
0106 Boolean Operations – Combine Feature
0107 Advantages And Limitations Of Multibody Parts
02. Surfacing Primer
0201 Why You Need Surfaces
0202 Making A Solid From A Surface
0203 Starting The Helmet With A Boundary Surface
0204 Trimming With Sketches And Renaming Features
0205 Four Sided Boundaries And Degenerate Points
0206 Ruled Surfaces And Mutual Trim
0207 Creating The Jaw Vents
0208 Extrude Surface Special Function
0209 Adding Ridges
0210 Mirroring And More Ruled Surfaces
03. Complex Shapes And Surfacing
0301 Interpolated Geometry
0302 Evaluating And Controlling Splines
0303 Creating Smooth Splines
0304 Creating A Flat Wire From A 3D Sketch
0305 Creating Hoses And Spark Plug Wires
0306 3D Splines In The Helmet
0307 Projected Curves
0308 XYZ And Reference Point Curves
0309 Equation, Intersection, And Face Curves
04. Working With Solids And Surfaces
0401 Working Between Solids And Surfaces
0402 Cut With Surface And Replace Face
0403 Using Fill To Replace A Face
0404 Using Freeform
0405 Delete Face And Delete Hole
05. Advanced Solid Features
0501 Creating An Indent Feature
0502 Using The Wrap Feature
0503 Flex
0504 Dome And Shape
0505 Arc-Spline Fillets And Full Round
0506 Face Fillets
0507 Setback Fillet
0508 FilletXpert And Selection Methods
06. Master Model Techniques
0601 2D And 3D Layouts
0602 Splitting Bodies Into An Assembly
0603 Save Bodies
0604 Insert Part
0605 Insert Into New Part And Summary
0606 File Management For Split Bodies
07. Advanced Mates
0701 Symmetry And Width Mates
0702 Cam And Path Mates – Part 1
0703 Cam And Path Mates – Part 2
0704 Gear Mate
0705 Rack & Pinion And Linear Coupler Mates
0706 Hinge And Screw Mates
0707 Universal Joint Mate
0708 Multi-Mate Mode And Mate Settings
0709 Mate References
0710 Lock, Fix, And In-Place Mates
0711 Assembling The Engine – Crankshaft
0712 Assembling The Engine -Pistons
0713 Assembling The Engine – Valve Train
08. Assembly Tools
0801 Placing Parts Without Mates
0802 Interferences
0803 AssemblyXpert And SolidWorks RX
0804 Defeature For Parts And Assemblies
0805 Sensors
0806 Advanced Selection Techniques
0807 Motion And Animation
09. File Management
0901 Changing File Names
0902 Replacing Parts And Mate Entities
0903 Copying An Assembly
0904 Pack And Go
0905 Virtual Components
10. Top-Down Design
1001 In-Context Or Top Down Modelling
1002 Layout Sketches
1003 External References Summary
1004 Lock, Break And Remove External References
11. Advanced Assemblies
1101 Copy With Mates
1102 Assembly Features
1103 Component Patterns
1104 Assembly Configurations
1105 Display States
1106 Large Assembly Mode
1107 Resolved, Hidden, Lightweight And Suppressed
1108 Speedpak
1109 Systems Options Overview

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